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Oct 6th at 9PM / 104 notes

EPISODE 7: super producer Just Blaze joins the Hype Men to discuss what he owes the Diplomats + his portrayal in Jay-Z’s movie Fade To Black + early Kanye + Jay Electronica’s next move + Amil’s whereabouts + the latest on T.I. + running into Charles Hamilton + his current thoughts on Joe Budden + “Pump It Up” + his falling out with Dame Dash + what Aloe Blacc’s done for cancer research + more! [Download.]

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    this podcast makes me jizzy…justin serving up so much juice… PS - when did i get so hard
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    I agree with Noz. This is critical and humorous dissection of hip-hop music. As acknowledged in Episode 0, Jensen – the...
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    I could listen to Just Blaze talk about the Roc all day
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    Essential listening.
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    dropping some knowledge. A real good listen.
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    Listen to this. It’s really great, especially if you love Just Blaze like I do, but even if you’ve just been a fan of...
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